Best Pre-Wedding outfit ideas

In the Pre-Wedding shoot, after finalizing the Photographer, the main challenge couples face is what to wear for the shoot. In this article, we will discuss this topic. Below are a few options you can opt for during the Pre-Wedding shoot.

Western formal outfit: You can choose formal Western outfits like suits & gowns. These outfits are sober & easy to carry.

Casual Outfits: You can choose Jeans, T-Shirt is a great fit for the Pre-Wedding shoot. As the pre-wedding shoot is a daylong shoot hence Jeans, T-Shirt is a great choice as it’s lightweight & comfortable.

Traditional Western Dress: You can wear Blazer, Shirt with formal pants for the boy & gown for the girl.

Empire Waist dress: It’s a great choice for brides of all shapes & sizes. It has a high waist that falls under the bust which creates an illusion. Empire waist dresses can be made in a variety of fabrics & they can be both casual & formal.

Traditional Indian dress: You can go for traditional Indian dress for your pre-wedding like Lehenga, Saree, etc for the girl & Kurta Pajama for the boy.

Themed Outfit: If you have a specific theme for your wedding, you can apply the same for your Pre-Wedding shoot.

It’s very important that whatever you choose to wear, you must feel comfortable & confident with your outfit. The most important thing is to choose something which best describes your personality.

Before finalizing the dresses discuss with your partner, it’s very important that you & your partner’s dress should complement each other.

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