Common mistakes of Wedding Photography

Common mistakes of Wedding Photography

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Common Mistakes of Wedding Photography

  • Not doing your research: Before you hire a Photographer, it’s very important to do your research & find someone whose style you like & who has experience shooting weddings.
  • Ignoring the portfolio: Once you have shortlisted the photographers, take a close look at their portfolios. Make sure their work standard is fit for you.
  • Not communicating your vision: Your wedding photographer should be able to capture your wedding day in a way that reflects your personal style.
  • Not having a pre-wedding shoot: A pre-wedding shoot is a great way to understand your photographer & his/her work quality, it also helps to build a comfort zone with him/her before your wedding. The photographer also gets a chance to know you & your partner.
  • Not being prepared: On your wedding day, it’s important to be prepared i.e. making sure your photographer knows the schedule, the venue of shooting, and what kind of shots you want. But after all these precautions things might not go exactly as per your plan.
  • Hire a common photographer: If you hire separate photographers for the groom’s side & bride’s side, most of the time it’s common to face a sync issue with 2 groups of photographers, hence it would be a wise decision to hire a common photographer for both groom side & bride side.

Tips to avoid common wedding photography

  • Meet your photographer in person before booking: This will ensure that you both (you & photographers) understand each other & on the same page.
  • Be patient & relaxed: Your wedding day is a stressful day for you but be patient with your photography team as they are trying to capture the best moment of your day so give them the time they need.

By following these steps you can ensure that your wedding photos are beautiful & memorable.

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